The Crenlo Engineered Cabs manufacturing team has the knowledge, skills and techniques to consistently build a broad range of high-quality products. We utilize the latest processes and technologies to convert raw material to close tolerance component parts.



The most demanding welding requirements are achieved on a wide variety of materials to ensure durability, safety and structural integrity. We utilize a powder paint system that provides a high quality, durable and corrosion resistant finish while also offering e-coat capabilities. We manage and control many of our customers’ unique assembly requirements, including integrating customer-specified purchased components into final assembly. Our lean manufacturing culture allows us to have schedule flexibility and better facilitate control in meeting customer delivery requirements.

Crenlo Engineered Cabs has the experience and state-of-the-art equipment to fulfill most any need; from large press requirements utilizing hard tooling, to jobs sized right for soft tool applications. Our total manufacturing capability accommodates customer specifications of most any size, shape, and content. Our capacity can service platforms and programs requiring hundreds to hundreds of thousands of estimated annual units.



Virtual and Physical Modeling
We can execute your product’s entire manufacturing needs, from concept to prototype, through pre-production, and then into full production mode. In support of this capability, we maintain a fully self-sufficient model shop for the efficient development of prototype product designs and process development. We also have 3D printing capabilities to rapidly fabricate full scale models in record time. Our prototype and model shop also includes a 200 ton press brake, 5-inch power shear, band saw, drill presses and welding machines. Our highly skilled metal fabrication specialists routinely create pre-production models for evaluation and testing.



Material Conversion
We utilize the very latest in flexible manufacturing system laser fabrication technologies. Fast and flexible processing of intricate shapes to exacting standards is available in a wide variety of material types and sizes by leveraging our 2500 & 1500 watt laser cell with “lights out” material handling and CNC controlled laser cutters with 1000 watt 4 ft x 8 ft capacity.

We convert raw material into close tolerance component parts utilizing the latest processes and tooling technologies. Internal control of piece part fabrication assures the highest degree of product quality and flexibility for our customers.

  • De-coiling and precision cut-to-length line – 22 gauge to 3/16″ thickness, 5′ maximum  blank width, 12′ maximum blank length
  • Tube bender (Eaton Leonard) to 4-inch round capacity, CNC controlled
  • Tube bender, (Pines) – 4-inch O.D. tubing capacity
  • Power shears – to half-inch capacity
  • Flame cutting machine – 6 head with template tracing, photocell control
  • Production band saws, (Marvel) – 18-inch x 20-inch capacity with automatic feed
  • Drilling and tapping machines – to quarter-inch diameter capacity
  • Fixture, Tool and Die Shop – complete with welding machines, lathes, grinders, mills  and heat-treating oven



Customer recognition for
Best-in-Class Quality and Delivery



Our Process Engineers take great pride in designing and developing the most efficient welding processes for our customer’s products. By designing and building our own production weld fixtures, we can maximize efficiencies during new product start-up phases and assure the highest product quality throughout the life of your program. Superior weld capacity is provided by multiple robotic weld cells, in combination with over 200 wire fed arc weld stations and a variety of resistance welders. Lean manufacturing techniques incorporate “in line” metal finishing processes to maximize manufacturing efficiency.

  • ABB robotic welders – 500 amp capacity
  • Motoman robotic welders – 500 amp capacity
  • Resistance welders – 200 KVA capacity
  • More than 200 Gas shielded arc welding machines – 650 amp capacity
  • Overhead conveyor systems – a pre-paint conveyor system delivers units from welding to the paint line or an overhead storage area
  • The overhead conveyor and storage systems have a power and free accumulating feature, which is monitored by a Programmable Logic Controller



The application of superior quality paint finishes is a core competency within each of our manufacturing operations. State-of-the-art conveyorized Electrocoat operations are in place, assuring a best in class base coat finish. Wet spray topcoat finishes are applied, and temperature cured under process controls that assure exceptional performance and appearance characteristics.

  • Cathodic “SST” Electrocoat 18 stage dip & spray operation is equipped with 2 acid immersion tanks.
  • Conveyorized paint systems – The paint system used for heavy units features a 6-stage power washer and phosphatizing system equipped with dry-off ovens. Baking ovens and a separate batch oven for touch up curing. Smaller units are painted on a conveyorized system, which includes a 5-stage phosphate washer and dry-off oven. Each oven is individually temperature controlled.
  • A mini-paint line consisting of two paint booths and a baking oven for short run requirements.

The appearance and performance of painted finishes is established and monitored in a laboratory equipped with a Data Color computerized color analyzer, as well as salt spray, conical bend, taber abrasion, gloss, film thickness, scrape, adhesion and drop testing equipment.



Final Assembly
Final cab assembly is accomplished on either a powered floor level wood slat conveyor measuring 5 ft x 324 ft long, or six individual non-powered assembly lines ranging from 41 feet to 165 feet in length. Each line is individually capable of integrating complex electrical and electro-mechanical components into the final cab assembly.



Quality Inspection
Our metallurgical lab is equipped to perform the physical testing of tensile, yield, elongation, impact and hardness on incoming raw material. Weld testing and inspection equipment includes both magnetic particle and ultrasonic weld inspection equipment. Dimensional measurement capabilities include a “Fabrivision” optical comparison machine with a 48-inch x 72-inch scan surface; a Virtek QC Laser with a 48-inch scan surface capable of merging four different scans into one report; and three Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM). A computer assisted Sheffield Portage CMM with 100-inch x 140-inch surface tables and a 72-inch vertical measuring capacity. A Direct Computer Controlled (DCC) Brown & Sharpe Validator CMM with a measuring capacity of 72-inch x 48-inch x 36-inch, and a DCC LK LY90S CMM with a measuring capacity of 118-inch x 62-inch x 98-inch.

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